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It should come as no surprise that manufacturers continuously focus on growing revenues and cutting costs for a sustainable profitability. Our advisors, in collaboration with your maintenance team, will develop a world-class maintenance environment for your facility & production equipment. 

Maintenance Strategy Development

Maintenance strategy for each building requires a custom build approach where our advisors synthesize a maintenance philosophy that fits the desired operations. Reactive strategies such as “run-to-fail”, although inexpensive and easy to implement, are often the most expensive methods of maintenance. 


Strategies such as Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM), visual maintenance (5S), or Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) may be recommended by our advisors to improve the client’s current practices.

Staffing Model Optimization

Facilities management is a business of time and motion by using the right staff for the job. Understanding your workforce ability is by far the most important factor affecting the reliability of your business at each site.


Our advisers will systematically evaluate your staff, either individually or by group, and provide reports on areas of improvement.

Maintenance Planning

Planning and proactivity through time or condition-based maintenance allows for a systematic, green, and cost-effective facility.


Preventative and predictive maintenance programs including assets structure and planned work instructions will be reviewed and optimized for the best maintenance output.

Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Proper implementation of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) depends on how robust the maintenance foundation was built.


Our advisers focus on fundamental structures such as asset hierarchy, preventative maintenance programs, and reporting to ensure key performance indicators are adequately monitored and reported.  Recommendation will be given for an applicable software or suggest improvement to the current CMMS.

Reactive Maintenance Review

Excessive demand requests create an unplanned environment and promote a firefighting in a facilities management environment. Reactive events generally take away resources from daily operations and, if not managed properly, will have deeper adverse effects on the project.


Our advisers will evaluate the number of event requests against the industry standards and provide practical solutions to minimize your demand maintenance and its cost. 

Contractor Performance Review

Performance of facilities contractors directly affects the profit and loss of each operation. Contractor legislative services can play an important part in mitigating risk in any building.


Our advisers will provide guidance in the scope of work development, contractor selection and monitoring of deliverables to facility managers.

Business Continuity & Contingency Planning

A well-developed business continuity and contingency plan can minimize the risks associated with unexpected events in facilities operations.


We will work with your team to identify potential points of failure and provide detailed steps required during crises. This will mitigate risks associated with labour management, equipment failure, and provide guidance to ensure continued business operations.

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